Oversized cargos

Delivery of oversized and heavy cargo can be part of the implementation of a large project or a separate task. In each case, such transportation requires a lot of competence and a professional approach.

We offer the following services: 

  • Professional consulting on organization of delivery of oversized and heavy cargo.
  • Development of routes and transport solutions, optimal in terms of time and cost of delivery.
  • Preparation of the plan and schedule of shipments.
  • Implementation of transportation using various types of special equipment and equipment on land and on water.
  • Ro-Ro and break bulk delivery options.
  • Organization of in-port forwarding and works in the port for cargo transshipment and fastening.
  • Organization of rigging works.
  • Obtaining of all necessary permits for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.
  • Attraction of vehicles cover and escort.
  • Engineering support (attraction of experts of contact-cable ways, etc.)
  • Block supplies.