Press from Russia to China

Route: Voronezh, RF - port of Saint Petersburg, RF - port of Tianjin, China

Cargo: hot stamping press, total weight 608 tons, 44 packages

Large-sized / heavy-weight places:

Bed 7120x4200x3250 mm, 108.4 tons;

Table 5300x4300x2625 mm, 82.5 tons;

Slider 3700x2650x2660, 42.4 tons;

Wheel 4400x3800x1870 mm, 35.2 tons.

The delivery of the cargo required 20 units of transport equipment and 13 units of marine equipment.

Delivery Scheme:

- delivery of cargo by road to the port of St. Petersburg;

- registration of permits for the transportation of KTG, escorting a road train loaded with cover vehicles;

- reloading and securing cargo in the port of St. Petersburg on roll trailers;

- sea freight by a RoRo vessel to the port of Tianjin.