Reactor deliver from China to Nizhnekamsk, Russia.

ROUTE | Shidao, China – Nizhnekamsk, Russia.
CARGO | Reactor, 15600x5300x5800 – 85 tons

Delivery of cargo to the port of Shidao.
Mobilization of barge-tug train (BTT).
Mobilization of a floating crane for loading cargo onto the BTT.
Loading cargo onto the BTT and securing it.
Departure to the port of Qingdao.

Unloading cargo from the BBS at the port of Qingdao.
Chartering a suitable vessel.
Loading cargo onto a ship using terminal cranes.
Organization of securing cargo in the hold.
Preparation of bills of lading.

Arranging the vessel to the quay wall in the port of St. Petersburg
Unfastening the cargo and cleaning the hold, modifying the supports.
Mobilization of crane equipment.
Loading onto a river-sea vessel for delivery along the inland waterways of the Russian Federation.
Development and approval of a project for securing cargo on a vessel.

Arranging the vessel at the Transkama pier.
Mobilization of a mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 400 tons to unload cargo onto the pier.
Loading onto a vehicle for delivery to the construction site.
Dismantling part of the cargo for passage under overpasses on the plant territory.
Unloading at the factory.