Delivery of chemical equipment from China to Russia


Drum Dryer Shells


Nanjin - Blagoveshchensk, Ufa region, Russia

The length of the route 8500 km

Total project scope

Volume is 1500 cubic meters 

750 tons weight

Dimensions and weight of large positions

22600 x 3500 x 3500 - 110 tons

22600 x 3500 x 3500 - 110 tons

16600 x 3000 x 3000 - 60 tons

16600 x 3000 x 3000 - 60 tons

24 units of special transport were involved in project

Stages of implementation

Delivery from the factory to the place of consolidation of all consignments in Manchuria

Customs export clearance

Redistribution and overloading of cargo to follow the territory of Russia

Preliminary inspection of the route and obtaining all permits

Loading on the Russian transport, registration of transit on the Russian territory

Truck delivery to final destination