20 000 FT equipment delivery for China to Shchekinoazot OJSC

STALOGISTIC employees have successfully completed a project for the delivery of equipment for the construction of a primary reforming furnace at the Shchekinoazot site.

Route: China - Russia.

The project team had the following tasks:

- to consolidate the entire cargo consignment from six different Chinese manufacturing plants at the port of departure
- inspect, measure and load the cargo on the vessel, issue export documents
- to charter a sea vessel for the delivery of 20,000 freight tons of cargo along the route Janjigang port - St. Petersburg port
- reload the cargo consignment onto road transport for further delivery to the construction site
- to issue the necessary transit documents.

To remove the entire cargo batch from the port, it was necessary to mobilize 188 units of special vehicles, which removed the entire volume from Port in 25 days.

The total project implementation period was 4 months from the start of consolidation to the unloading of the last cargo package and fell just during the quarantine period. This circumstance significantly complicated the operation performancce. However, thanks to the efforts of the project team, everything was done efficiently and on time.

Project videohttps://youtu.be/Uf6e3ujo6DM