Delivery of 2,000 tons industrial press to India

ROUTE: Voronezh, Russia - Mumbai, India
CARGO: Industrial press disassembled - 69 cargo places

Largest cargo places:
Traverse - 516x440x225 - 100 tons
Table - 720x431x243 - 192 tons
Rack 760х435х181 - 116 tons
Rack 760х435х181 - 116 tons

VOLUME: 2,000 FT


  • Consolidation of the entire cargo consignment in the port of St. Petersburg.
  • Organization of a surveyor inspection of the entire consignment.
  • Packing a piece of equipment in marine packaging


  • Chartering a suitable vessel
  • Loading cargo onto a ship using ship and terminal cranes
  • Organization of cargo securing in the hold
  • Registration of bills of lading


  • Berthing the vessel to the quay in the port of Mumbai
  • Development of a plan for unloading and placing cargo at the site in the port
  • Cargo unsealing and hold cleaning
  • Mobilization of crane equipment.
  • Organization of unloading by terminal and ship cranes
  • Registration of delivery documents