Press forms delivery from China to Alabuga

Cargo: Molds for pressing (stamps)

Dimensions: 25 stamps, each stamp weighing over 25 000 kg

Route: Hebei, China - Manchuria - Tatarstan, SEZ Alabuga


Description of delivery:

The whole cargo was loaded for 5 days and delivered to the border of Manchuria / Zabaikalsk.

14 units of special equipment are used for transportation in the Russian Federation

The most important component of the project was the competent distribution of cargoes to cargo platforms on the Manchuria / Zabaikalsk border and the provision of documentary transport support.

Due to the peculiarities of the various norms in the legislation on transport and the peculiarities of the rolling stock of China and Russia, the number of vehicles required for transportation above the specified cargo exceeded the territory of Russia more than in China. Delivery time for this project "from door to door" was 18 days.