Delivery of a mechanical press to Italy

Route: Voronezh, Russia - Nogara, Italy

Cargo: press - 610 tons, 42 seats.

Large places

Bed 7120х4190х3280 - 110 tons

Slider 3700x2650x2660 - 60 tons

Table 5300х4340х2580 - 77 tons

It took 19 units of special equipment to deliver all the cargo to the port.

Delivery Dates:

  • auto delivery of cargo from the place of loading to the port of Rostov;
  • issuing permits for the transportation of KTG, escorting a road train with a load of cover cars;
  • transshipment of cargo at the port, loading onto the Break bulk vessel, development of a loading and securing scheme, cargo securing;
  • sea freight by ship Rostov - Nogara