Generators from Germany to Russia

CARGO: 16 wind turbine generators
ROUTE: Magdeburg - Port of Magdeburg - Port of Bremen - Port of Rostov-on-Don - Novoaleksandrovsk

• Delivery of cargo from the manufacturer's plant in Magdeburg to the nearest river port.
• Reloading cargo from road transport to barges for shipment to the port of Bremen along the Weser River.
• Loading the entire cargo consignment onto a sea vessel for shipment along the Bremen - Rostov-on-Don route.
• Preparation of a survey report at the port of departure.
• Preparation of a plan for loading and securing, work on securing cargo on the vessel.
• Unloading at the port of Rostov-on-Don, passing the customs clearance procedure.
• Loading on special vehicles for delivery to the construction site.
• Mobilization of crane equipment for unloading the entire consignment from vehicles to the construction site.