Ladles for quarry equipment, 2 units

Route: Sunderejru (Norway) - Kimpersai (Kazakhstan)
Description of the load: 2 buckets with a total mass of 30,046 kg, dimensions D 4840 X 3188 X B 2331 and D 3649 X 3178 X 2735 mm respectively

Transport / equipment: Auto + sea + w / unicorn platform, Ro-Ro type vessel, wagon gondola car

Transportation structure:
 - Automobile part: Delivery of cargo on specialized vehicles from the consignor's warehouse to the port of departure in Norway
- Sea part: Delivery of cargo on a Ro-Ro type vessel from the port of departure in Norway to the port of destination in Estonia
- Railway: Delivery of cargo in the railway gondola car from the port of destination to the station Kimpersai-669209 in Kazakhstan

Additional services of STA Logistic: Cargo insurance, terminal processing, fastening, overload