New STALOGISTIC office in Poland

Опубликовано: 05.07.2021

New STALOGISTIC office in Poland

Some experts believe that the Polish logistics market is on average 2-3 years ahead of the Russian one in its development. This is due to the growing imports of goods from China, the rapid appearance of a mass of warehouses and an overall increase in freight traffic. Taking into account the economic potential of the region, in April 2021 the STALOGISTIC Group of Companies officially opened a new office in Warsaw.

Igor Kovalev, a member of the Board of Directors, shared the tasks and prospects that are opening up in connection with the geographical expansion of the Company.

Continued European expansion

The idea of ​​opening an office in Poland has been ripening for a long time. At the end of 2020, the final decision was made and now the office's work has begun fully.

STALOGISTIC has been dealing with solutions for the European market for several years, and now we are taking a new step towards our Clients. Poland is a country with one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and a highly developed logistics infrastructure that is represented in all segments of transport. Considering that we also provide services for all types of transportation, physical entry into this market is a logical continuation of the Company's development.

A number of important tasks

The paramount task is to optimize the current procurement solutions in the LTL and FTL segments. Now we will build relationships with Polish carriers and suppliers from their territory, and this is an important factor. For good prices, you have to be inside the market. We hope that the pandemic will end sooner or later, and we will be able to meet with many partners in person.

The next task is to develop warehouse solutions. For a long time we have been using the opportunity to consolidate the goods of our Clients in Poland, the new office will allow us to strengthen our positions to a greater extent and be more competitive in traditional markets.

Intra-European transportation. Quite a frequent request, and I must admit that at the moment our solutions are far from the most optimal. Therefore, on the basis of the Polish office, it is planned to create a division that will deal with this direction. As, in fact, sales of our services to Polish and other European clients.

In the medium term, it is planned to pay full attention to the development of solutions in the segment of container, rail and air transport in the Polish office. The developed logistics infrastructure of Poland and the system of relations with agents and Partners around the world built by the Company provide numerous opportunities and prerequisites for this.

Multicultural staff

Based on the tasks described, we will approach the recruitment of personnel accordingly. Some of the employees will be from our other offices. These are experienced specialists who are well aware of the structure and specifics of the Company's work. They will become carriers of a certain STALOGISTIC DNA, which will be passed on to new specialists. On the other hand, of course, there will be active recruitment of people in Poland who are competent in the European market.

We are confident that we will be able to achieve interaction at an early stage, where relocate employees understand the Company and share this knowledge, and local specialists know the market. This symbiosis is the key to the successful functioning of the office as an independent unit and in the structure of the entire company.

Information about the STALOGISTIC Group of Companies

STALOGISTIC is an international logistics operator with offices in Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Switzerland, Poland.

The group of companies provides industry-specific logistics solutions and carries out the transportation of goods by all types of transport, including using multimodal schemes.

The geography of STALOGISTIC's activities includes the main trading markets of the world. Currently, the Group of Companies employs more than 410 employees.

STALOGISTIC is a member of international logistics associations and alliances: WCA, FIATA, BAIF, LINEKA, GPLN. Financial stability and business reputation are confirmed by quality certificates ISO, CreditInfo, CrefoCerstStilus

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