Oversized cargo from China with fast delivery terms

Опубликовано: 16.03.2018

Oversized cargo from China with fast delivery terms

STA Logistics in September 2017 organized the delivery of molds for the automotive industry by road from China to Russia.

Part of the cargo had oversized parameters and was transported on special vehicles, some were transported by standard modes of transport.

A feature of this transportation is the requirement for a one-time arrival of the goods at the place of customs clearance in Russia.

The cargo loading plan and schedule were developed by our specialists together with the shipper.

 The whole cargo was loaded for 5 days and delivered to the border of Manchuria / Zabaikalsk.

The most important component of the project was the competent distribution of cargoes to cargo platforms on the Manchuria / Zabaikalsk border and the provision of documentary transport support.

Due to the peculiarities of the various norms in the legislation on transport and the peculiarities of the rolling stock in China and Russia, the number of vehicles required for transportation above the specified cargo was greater over the territory of Russia than in the territory of China. Delivery time for this project "from door to door" was 18 days.

The professionalism of the STA Logistic team and its reliable partners throughout the shipment route and good knowledge of the peculiarities of the Russian market made it possible to organize this project in the shortest possible time, which was highly appreciated by the Customer.

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